Doing Baking Differently

For Lauren Roffey, baking has always been a favourite pastime and hobby and so with the end of her doctoral research fast approaching, she found herself taking to baking as an escape from her studies.

Unsure of which direction to embark upon after studying, Lauren wished to take on something which could have a clear, if small, positive impact on people’s lives. Combining her passions and entrepreneurial spirit, Lauren established Baked in 2013 and applied to the Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Programme to increase the social impact of the enterprise in the community.

Baked was established as a social enterprise to prove that businesses can do things differently, and demonstrating that by putting the local community at the heart, positive and tangible social change could be achieved. Through selling locally sourced homemade cakes, baked goods and drinks as a financially stable business, Baked aims to support the community of Worthing through providing opportunities for young people to develop skills and practical experiences through hands-on opportunities.

Baked’s social mission is to provide a shared community space for people from all walks of life and create innovative skills development opportunities to local young people. Its unique programme ‘Pop Up at Baked’ offers aspiring chefs the chance to run a pop-up restaurant, providing mentoring and support when needed. Its first beneficiary and keen chef, Charlie Lazlo, took up the opportunity to run ‘Bun N Meat’, leading a hugely successful pop up event in the shop with the expert guidance on Lauren on hand. Baked is also looking to offer work experience placements in the near future to provide real hands-on opportunities for young people.

With the help of the programme, Lauren has been able to start thinking about expanding and scaling up the social impact of the enterprise. The programme has allowed Lauren the space to assess the impact of Baked and its social goals, stepping away from the day to day running of the business.

Lauren is keen to provide more opportunities for young people in Worthing. Her social mission is to change the dialogue around training and skills development for young people and be able to offer really valuable, practical experiences rather than tick-box exercises.